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Like Zen - Magnesium Chloride Concentrate 250ml

Like Zen - Magnesium Chloride Concentrate 250ml
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Like Zen - Magnesium Chloride Concentrate 250ml

Like Zen Magnesium Oil 250ml is a concentrate, magnesium oil. We recommend pouring this into our spray bottles and then spraying liberally onto the body.

Magnesium Oil assists the body naturally, and is known as a body tonic. Sprayed onto the body Magnesium is known to help relieve muscle aches and pains, assists the transportation of over 350 elements to the cells of the body aiding the body with supporting the immunity, and is a integral part of the brain and nervous system.

Like Zen Magnesium Oil has also been found to help migraines, neck and shoulder pain, relief stress and anxiety and depression.

It has been shown to improve arthritis, and sport injuries.

This product is designed for sensitive skin and or very irritated skin conditions.

Like Zen Magnesium is natural and organic and should be sprayed onto skin and not taken internally.

Spray liberally on painful areas, Apply 1-2 a day then moisturise the area, to stop drying of the skin.


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